“Together we can create a life which is solution focused,
but more importantly one that you WANT to live, rather than just exist in!”

Bespoke 1-1 Coaching
Becky Field Solution Focused Coach smiling and holding a westfield coaching mug with a book on the table in front of her

Time for you, spent on you. Confidential, bespoke 1-1 coaching enables you to explore what you want from your life and/or business in a safe, confidential environment. 1-1 coaching enables you to go deeper with quality time focused on you!

It is solution focused, action based where where work together to get you from where you are to where you want to be efficiently and effectively in the shortest time possible.

·     Mentoring and Coaching from an experienced Coach that has used strategies, tools and techniques throughout recovery from burnout to breakthrough!.

·     Be supported by trusted peers in a confidential, group coaching environment gaining accountability to make courageous changes in your life..

·     Shared problem-solving techniques for real-life experiences.

·     Techniques and tools to be an assertive and nurturing to yourself and others whilst making strong decisions for your own wellbeing..

·     How to create strengthened, positive relationships and boundaries that protect your wellbeing..

·     Tune into your personal values for excellent results in your life..

·     Access to coaching strategies and techniques at weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals.

·     Accountability for continued success for you, your personal development, and your wellbeing.


Feel empowered, energised, in control and focused with a clear vision, strong boundaries and action plan to move forward!

We work together to set actions which will challenge you but also bring about huge personal growth and confidence!

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Group Coaching
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Supportive, Confidential Coaching & Mentoring
Group coaching is powerful if you thrive on collaboration and ideas. Working in groups enables you to gain a variety of perspectives, insights and ideas for you life and business!

If you like to challenge yourself, and thrive on external accountability, group coaching is a powerful and effective way of putting action in immediately.

·     Mentoring and Coaching from an experienced Coach that is walking the walk with business security, positive wellbeing & growth.

·     Work with trusted peers in a group coaching environment gaining real-world advice and support.

·     Shared problem-solving techniques for business.

·     Techniques and tools to be an assertive leader in your business and to make strong decisions..

·     How to be leader that inspires staff with strengthened relationships and boundaries.

·     Tune into your personal values for bespoke results in your business.

·     Access to specialist business support through guest speakers.

·     Optional bespoke coaching & mentoring offered.

·     Monthly program for continued success for you and your business.


Feel supported, empowered, energised, in control and focused with clear vision, strong boundaries and action plans to move forward in either your personal lives.
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I work with people who seriously want to make changes. My approach has been described as ‘no nonsense but kind’. I help business owners to stop chasing their tails and focus on solutions. 

Together we make effective changes in YOUR lives by creating boundaries allowing you to live rather than just exist in YOUR life and businesses.

My solution-focused approach enables me to get right to the point by cutting through the noise getting YOU to where you want to be physically and mentally from the moment you start working with me.