My mission is to support business owners to regain control & prioritise themselves so they get effective & Immediate results!

Do you:

  • Work too many hours doing everything in your business?
  • Wish you could do something about it, but feel you are always fighting fires or chasing your tail?
  • Feel exhausted with everything that you have to do and find it difficult to delegate or trust others?
  • Feel fearful of the future and competition within your field?
  • Wonder where the enthusiasm and creative ideas have gone?
  • Deflect the question when someone asks how you are because you like a failure saying how you feel?
  • Feel frustrated that your business growth isn’t what you imagined it to be?
  • Wonder what would happen if you just went back to paid employment?

 If you recognise any, or all, of the above and are ready to look at things differently, let’s talk.

My mission is to stop business owners from reaching a point of burnout from sacrificing themselves. Your well-being is my priority!

Coaching is brilliant. Coaching gives you choice and enables you to make decisions in any area of your life. I work with the people behind the business to support them to stop running around like blue arsed flies and start prioritising themselves!
I help people just like YOU, to grow your businesses on your terms, without feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

I am a dog mum, a straightforward, ‘kind but kick-ass Coach’ with a black belt in boundaries!

I like to call myself a warrior and I have built an orange army of warriors through solution-focused, action-driven, no-nonsense coaching!

I am a qualified Coach, Mentor, Group Facilitator, Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Clinical Hypnotherapy with 21 years experience of working with people and positively influencing their lives both within education and coaching!


Together we will

  • Discover what motivates and drives you and make that a priority
  • Determine what incremental changes will make the greatest difference to you and your business
  • Understand and plan a way forward, navigating potential obstacles and how to respond rather than firefight from
  • Build a step by step plan to take you from feeling exhausted to feeling invigorated and excited again about not just your business, but your life!


Ever felt that feeling when something just doesn’t feel right? You can’t shake that feeling but there’s a sense of wanting more and knowing you deserve more but don’t know where to start?

Working with a Coach can be magical. I liken it to emptying your ‘junk drawer’. Yep, tipping it out and literally sifting through what you want to keep in your life and what you want to discard. 

We work together to really look at what you really want with the intention of never settling for anything less. We can do this either on a 1-1 basis or in my fabulous group coaching program Westfield Wonders.

“My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best.”  Winston Churchill.


Group coaching is powerful if you thrive on collaboration and ideas. Working in groups enables you to gain a variety of perspectives, insights and ideas for you life and business!

If you like to challenge yourself, and thrive on external accountability, group coaching is a powerful and effective way of putting action in immediately.

In the last 18 months alone I worked with over 50 small business owners either in group coaching or 1-1 to navigate some of the harshest times to succeed and thrive in making their businesses work better for them.

My group coaching for small business owners, Westfield Warriors tripled in number and plenty of value has been added by working collaboratively with small business owners who want to support each other.



There are many ways to become part of my amazing community. There is a free Facebook page where I challenge boundaries and where you can have a voice!

I run Warrior Connect in Hazel Grove, Cheshire where you can meet my amazing Westfield Warriors and have access to so many amazing, brave, courageous entrepreneurs who have each others back. You also have the opportunity to form relationships and connections to strengthen your business. No sales pitches, just good fun and positive vibes! This is INVITATION ONLY and if you have connected with me previously do get in touch to show interest.

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