Let me tell you a secret. No one has this ‘life’ or ‘work’ thing boxed off. 
After 20 years working in Education, Coaching and Mentoring, I can tell you that no one has all the answers.

I have worked with many people who have felt bewildered or baffled and who couldn’t see a way through a situation. What they needed was a supportive Coach who was a confidential sounding board that gave them time to find their own solutions. 

I can work with you too. You haven’t stumbled across my website for no reason.

You are looking for answers, solutions or just to be heard and I can help.

My promise to my clients is that there is always a solution. There is always something that can be done, an action that can be taken to move you forward. How can I be so sure? Because I believe we are unshakeable, resilient and strong regardless of how you currently feel. 

Borrow my faith until you have your own and I promise that coaching can help you to believe in you, your relationships, your values and your work.

I am a qualified and Accredited Coach and Educator. Why does this matter?

So many people call themselves coaches who can’t Coach. In an unaccredited field I wanted a Coach who could Coach, who followed an ethical framework and who could get me out of the position of pain in 2013! 

I work with people who seriously want to make changes. My approach has been described as ‘no nonsense but kind’. I help (not exclusively) sole traders and small business owners to make effective changes in their lives and businesses by helping them create a life aligned with their core values and what is important to them.

My approach is solution-focused which enables me to get right to the centre of you and cut through the noise getting to the facts of a situation.

Together we can create a life which is solution focused, but more importantly one that you WANT to live, rather than just exist in!

I can work with anyone who has the willingness and commitment to change. If you don’t have that desire, or if you decide its not the right time after our pre-discovery call, that’s ok. It has to be YOUR choice for it to work. 

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