Inane ramblings of a mad woman. Unrealistic Expectations.

What was I thinking adding a blog button to my website? It will probably take me months to come up with some inspirational blog that will (unrealistically) change the lives of anyone who reads it. But isn’t that what is stopping me? Unrealistic expectations? How often does this stop us from doing anything new or different? Susan Jeffers encourages us to ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ but how often do we become paralysed by fear itself and never get started?

What would it feel like to be fearless. What if the miracle did happen and we woke up this morning totally fearless, knowing what we wanted to do and just went ahead and made plans to do something. say something, play something, ask someone?

If there was one thing that you could do today totally free of any expectations what would it be? How would you feel approaching it? How would it look, what sounds would you hear, what would you see? What would others see? Really picture it. know that you are worth it, know that fear is just a bogeyman and providing it is good for your wellbeing GO FOR IT. Anything is possible, even for a rambling mad woman!

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