Surround yourself with the 4C’s

Surround yourself with the 4C’s

I always say I surround myself with people who have gone before me. One of my core values is trust and this has to be earned. I am an observer, I have learnt the word congruence and I love it. What we say and how we behave has to match for trust to be given.

I surround myself with the 4 C’s. Coaches, Confidants, Cheerleaders and Challengers. Not all I like on any given day but they are people I trust fully as much as I can (leaving a little something for me).

The Coaches empower me to make my own decisions, who give me back responsibility for my life, sobriety, happiness and relationships. My Confidants know how I tick. The kind of people who just know by looking at you what you need and what you don’t!. The people who can keep closed mouthed. I have the wonderful Cheerleaders who will say, ‘Go on!’ when I express bizarre ideas to run or start a business or ‘Why not’ when I question decisions.

Then the Challengers who I have a love/hate relationship with but are the people who will push me beyond what I limit myself to do. Who prompt that ‘fierce determination’ to come back and ultimately encourage me to keep on fighting. These people are the ones who make you think. They make you work for your money, they continually ask you ‘and what else’ these are the people who keep on digging until you see the treasure you have n yourself to be who you want to be.

Can I be all things? Yes I can. As a coach, I am honest, I will Challenge you positively to dig deep, I work with a code of ethics as my contract to you as a Confidant and I will have your back as a wonderful Cheerleader!

I cannot wait to be part of your journey! See you soon. Becky xx

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