Give yourself power

Give yourself power

So who has been here? You’ve had a brilliant week so far, the eating plan and exercise regime is going to plan, you feel absolutely amazing. Work is going well you feel loved, content and then BOOM! something blindsides you. A comment, a look, a expectation not fulfilled, a text message (a danger area for anxious people) and BAM, that’s it…… F&*£ it, …….. you start questioning yourself, what is wrong with me? Then you link one comment, or text, or look, to the whole of your history and start to spot areas where you’ve felt the same.

You sink into catastrophic thinking, generalisation and close up. Literally. You start to feel worthless and then question what is the point? Who am I trying to kid……. but then, a message comes through from someone who knows you, or can read between the lines, the one who values you for all that you are and all that you do and after speaking to that friend you begin to realise your strength, your individuality, your love.

You realise just how far you have come, that the people in your life today are your cheerleaders, your confidants, your coaches and challengers and that the comment, or text or look becomes insignificant because you have the right people fighting your corner, the people who won’t blow smoke up your A#£&, nor will they allow you to sit comfortably in negative thinking.

So listen up, who suffers if we go off plan? who suffers the guilt and feelings that are left after a bloody good binge? Who suffers with endless berating thought whilst others sleep soundly? Be good to yourself. Don’t kick the F&*k it bucket.

You are worth so much more than that comment, that look, that expectation. You are a warrior! You are capable, confidant and whole. Shake it off, dust yourself down and fight on. Feed yourself as you would feed a friend. give yourself the compassion that you need and look after yourself. You will feel invigorated by the power you give yourself by choosing what is best for you!

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