Find your voice

I have met so many people who have been placed in a position of silence over the years as a teacher and now as a coach. People who have been affected by the behaviour of another, to the point where they have lost their voice. They have become hidden, shamed and afraid.

Part of me wants to scream and shout at those persecutors, but what will it achieve? Hurt people hurt and many of the perpetrators know no better and more often than not are victims of victims. Does this mean that we accept the behaviour? No, but it means we need to come out of the shadows.

Facing certain situations in our lives is a necessity if we are to live free in this world. If we are to find our voice and say “no more”, “enough” and move on to a more empowered position. We need to become our own rescuer.

Whatever that takes.

There are specialists in looking back, facing the things you can’t face alone and then, when ready, you can move forward.

As a solution-focused coach, I can help you uncover the pandoras boxes you have kept closed. I can help you to identify your current situation and how this may be affected by chains from the past. By shining light, it starts the process of empowerment. You will start to find your voice, you will begin to recognise your truth and through coaching, I can help you look at ways of moving forward. Of breaking free from patterns that, although protected you for so long, no longer protect, but imprison you.

Who wouldn’t want to live freely emotionally?

The hardest decision is when to start?

During a recent workshop, I used strategies to break the spell of resentment. It was specific and brought about identifying people with whom people held anger towards. By naming the person or situation, it began to bring shame to the surface out of the darkness. We brought the box into the open and people became ready to open the lid and explore. I created a safe, supportive environment in which people felt they could start the process of breaking the chains.

The session was enlightening and so powerful. I was delighted to hear during the following week that one particular delegate had found their voice. They were ready to rescue themselves! By feeling empowered to make that change for themselves they blew the power out of something which was holding them in a place of vulnerability.

Personal development is not easy. It is personal, it can hurt, it can challenge, but it is so worth it.  It changed my life and I hope to empower others to change theirs and find their voice!

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