Is it over yet?

I’m not making light of the situation, but I must be honest and say I feel particularly detached from the madness of the CV virus. I have spoke to many sole traders who are understandably anxious. Will they survive? Will they have any clients? Will they have to close? I hear you, I really do, but is this anxiety helping or is it stealing your time from being productive or solution-focused?

If I asked you to empty your pockets or handbag what would you find? Think of your pockets or handbag as your amazing skills. What do you have? What can you do? What addition can you add to your business? What can you bring forward that you may have been planning? For me its blogging….. hence the, errrr…. Blog.

I have always had the mindset that I would do anything to keep working and bring money in, even walking the dogs this morning I saw a job advert for a sales adviser at McColls and thought…. There’s another option.

As a Coach you would imagine that I would be inundated as people are in a place of panic and overwhelm but, people aren’t spending. They are being cautious as the situation is unknown. It’s completely understandable.

I likened the media madness as banging quietly on a bottom of a pan with a toothpick, The media continues to fuel the madness and the toothpick is swapped for a pencil….. it continues and the pencil is swapped for a wooden spoon….. then a metal serving spoon etc….. you get the idea. The noise becomes so loud that you cannot think, you can’t come up with solutions or possibilities and the overwhelm swallows you up and all sense of perspective goes and sheer panic sets in.

Guess what. You are not alone.

Do I have the solution? No, but here are a few tips I have spoken to clients about this week.

What else can you offer?

Empty your pockets and handbag. What skills do you have? Make a list…. And see what you CAN do rather than focussing on the panic.

My example is that I am a trained art teacher with 20 years’ experience. I can offer to entertain your kids with creative activities whilst at home, happy to do this online too as kids are probably more familiar with online tools! Of course, you can get this free on YouTube too!

I am also a designer so I can offer to produce social media posts for clients, I can design logos and promotional materials. I can do this from home. I recently created a logo and business cards for a client by using whats app, email and telephone. I even ordered the business cards online and got them delivered to them and I never even met them!

Use the time wisely

Make a list of all the stuff you’ve been putting off! For me it is my accounts, blogging, create social media posts and images, stockpile online videos, create handouts for my courses etc.

What have you been putting off that you can do now?

Focus on the positives

We are bombarded with all the negative. I am firm believer of limited exposure! Unfollow pages that are no longer serving you… even temporarily. There is no need to fuel the fire. You can choose the toothpick rather than the serving spoon. You are in control of whether you obsess about the news or whether you concentrate on what is in front of you and take it hour by hour if need be.

While we have the time, why not read inspirational books, listen to inspirational podcasts rather than the fear mongering news. Its not about avoidance, its about limiting exposure.

Build connections

I have witnessed some beautiful connectivity on social media and people offering to do things for neighbours and people isolated….. it begs me to say though, shouldn’t we be like this anyway? Have we become so self-centred to not consider these people in normal, everyday situations? I for one have pulled myself up for this so I count myself in this! – Maybe the answer though isn’t to give a 24 pack of toilet rolls to my mother in law for Mother’s Day, but it’s a start.

Support local businesses

For business owners start connecting with people, support others by sharing their posts, commenting, helping them to be visible! And hopefully people will do the same for you.

Again, aren’t these wonderful patterns that we can carry on long-term not just while in the current situation?

Start building relationships for the future on social media, Facebook, Linked in, and truly connect, not a spamming selling message, but comment on a post, congratulate them on their achievements. Just connect.

Dream big.

One of the weeks on my 5-week course is about dreaming big. If you could do anything, what would you do? Be fearless. Write a list, create a vision board and dream big. Then set actions that will bring you closer to that dream. No matter how small, start moving towards focusing on solutions. Send those courageous emails, phone those people who you have been meaning to ask for collaborations, send those gifts to your existing clients and send grateful thanks for where you are.

These are just a few ideas that I hope can help you to pick the toothpick up again. If you would value a 1-1 call, skype, zoom, whatsapp or Facetime please do not hesitate to get in touch. No judgement, just one business owner to another, helping us get through this time.

Much Love, Your coach, Becky