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Confidential, bespoke 1-1 coaching enables you to explore what you want from your life and/or business in a safe, confidential environment. 1-1 coaching enables you to go deeper with quality time focused on you!

It is solution focused, action based where we work together to get you from where you are to where you want to be efficiently and effectively in the shortest time possible.


Mentoring and Coaching from an experienced Coach, Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnotherapy that has used strategies, tools, and techniques throughout recovery from burnout to breakthrough!

Feel empowered, energised, in control, and focused with a clear vision, strong boundaries, and action plan to move forward! We work together to set actions that will challenge you but also bring about huge personal growth and confidence!


Group coaching is powerful if you thrive on collaboration and ideas. Working in groups enables you to gain a variety of perspectives, insights and ideas for your business!

If you like to challenge yourself, and thrive on external accountability, group coaching is a powerful and effective way of putting action in immediately. Westfield Warriors is a wonderfully supportive community of business owners who are growing their businesses whilst strengthening their connections, networks and business practices.


Group coaching is powerful if you thrive on being part of something amazing with other people. Personal development in groups enables you to gain a variety of perspectives, insights and ideas for your life and by forming these strong bonds with others you are empowered and encouraged to go deep.

If you like to challenge yourself, and thrive on being part of something, group coaching is a powerful and effective way of creating a wonderful life based on your core values and what is important to you.

Westfield Wonders is a wonderfully supportive community of highly open, caring individuals  who are open to change whilst strengthening their boundaries within their lives.


Westfield Collaborations is for business owners who want to adopt a coaching culture and solution-focused approach to leading a team. Staff wellbeing will be the top priority as this leads to a successful business which in turn results in more profit and less absences. 

During these collaborations, we will work together to find out staff motivators and drivers. Using their individual learning styles we will work together to create positive, solution-focused actions that really lean in to their strengths increase their self-esteem and confidence within their role.

We will explore communication styles and renegotiate boundaries so that everyone can be responsible for their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing and have a wonderfully balanced life. 

Accountability will be key to this program so that actions set can, and will be, achieved using a coaching approach where people take ownership for their commitments. 

These sessions will promote team building, openness, and transparency, a platform to grow together and master strengths bringing about amazing results both personally and professionally.


Westfield Assistance is an Individual coaching and mentoring package which includes 7 hours of coaching per team member at a time to suit them. Staff wellbeing will be the top priority as this leads to happy and successful employees resulting in more profit and less absences. 


Quarterly Reports on employee wellbeing & engagement.
Support to encourage employee focus on physical, mental & emotional wellbeing to help with productivity, absenteeism and improve communication.
Open access to Westfield Coaching resources throughout the 6-month period to build resilience and self-awareness.


Collaborative, Proactive, Motivational
Increased confidence through targeted, focused actions and challenges
Supportive sounding board & collaborative solution-focused approach
Encouraging results, clarity and positive direction moving forward
Feel supported, empowered, energised, in control and focused with clear vision, strong boundaries and action plans to move forward in your personal lives.


The self-directed process enables you to walk away knowing exactly what you need to do to PAUSE, REFOCUS, and THRIVE. Power hours are available to book if you feel the need for that added lift, support, or gentle kick to get into action!  


7 Sessions consisting of 1-1 Bespoke Package sessions (2 hours) which are specific to recovering from dependency or the effects of it and creating an amazing life without it!

Each session focusing on specific patterns of behaviour which are evident within addiction and breaking those patterns. This is done in 3 stages:

Uncover – we look at the areas of your life where addiction features and what makes us different. It looks at the effect’s addiction has had on us and all areas of our life. We then look at where we will need to put boundaries in place to safeguard our new decisions and life we are creating for ourselves.

Discover – We then work together to unpick patterns such as Anger, Fear, People pleasing and look at how we can change behaviour to help us learn new ways of living without addiction. This stage is challenging but once discovered you will truly get to know you, how you work and what you need to live free from it!

Recover – This is where we look at how to move forward, we need to be accountable and responsible for our life and make sufficient changes which are sustainable!


Westfield Warriors

“I met Becky when I was not really thinking about a coach, however after speaking with her I loved the sound of the group coaching. It was the best decision I made joining her Warriors group. She creates a safe challenging space for the warriors and asks questions that really make you think about your business. During lockdown Becky has worked to ensure that the group has grown closer together. She has always been on hand for advise and has worked with us to help us think about ways we can ensure our businesses survive this tough business environment.”


“Becky is a naturally gifted coach with the innate ability to bring the best out of her clients, simply she is a talented all round coach with the skills, experience, and qualifications to back up her outstanding reputation. in the industry.

I had the incredible honor to mentor Becky in developing her coaching business and she was an absolute pleasure to work with, her tenacity and consistent commitment to the task at hand is testament to her ‘never say die’ attitude in both her coaching and the work she does developing her own business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone, she is simply outstanding in every department, but don’t take my word for it, have a chat with her yourself and you will quickly see what I mean”


“I’d without question highly recommend Becky for her group life coaching classes. She is so knowledgeable, helpful, caring, supportive and funny. You come away every week empowered and the strategies DO WORK. Highly solution focussed and a lovely person too. Very lucky to have met her #lifesaver”.

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