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I would like to Recommend Becky J Field and her warriors group . We will find all support for your business and also for yourself. Becky is easy to talk too . I was feeling a bit down because I can’t work at the moment, no motivation but after take part of her group last week my motivation is back.
She is also helping my husband and he said is she is a star 💙 Thank you soo much!
Simone McKenzie – Remedial Massage Therapist

ONE-TO-one testimonial

I would love to recommend Becky Field of Westfield Coaching. Life changing sessions, would recommend for anyone who wants to make a change big or small, life, love or work, you won’t look back.
Sam Fillingham – CEO PIP-UK


“I am someone who never believed in coaching, I didn’t think someone could care about my business and my success like I do. I am also someone who believes I can do it all. I started with a 1:1 session with Becky as I had met her once and felt a really good vibe and thought I would take a chance. I am so absolutely grateful that I did, it has changed my life. I not only have the support and understanding of Becky who is knowledgeable, honest, encouraging and occasionally firm with me when I need it. But I have also been introduced to a wonderful group of people who all support each other and offer a sanctuary for someone who usually works alone. Becky brings people together in an honest and open way where we can all discuss anything and give advice and perspective. I can hand on heart say that I manage my time better, I feel more confident in what I do AND I am able to admit that just cause I can do everything alone…doesn’t mean I should! On top of this Becky has organised some amazing speakers to talk to the group which I have found interesting and useful, no only in work but also in life!”


Helen Fenton – Orange Bloom Yoga

ONE-TO-one testimonial

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been on an incredible journey of self-discovery with Becky, through both one to one and group coaching.
This year, I have totally invested in myself by joining Westfield Wonders for my personal development and Westfield Warriors for business coaching (kindly paid for by my employer!)
The groups have not disappointed! Amazing women supporting one another, led by the challenges and assurances of a brilliant coach.
So excited for the next sessions 😊😊😊
Pam Robinson – Community Manager

Westfield Warrior Testimonial 

“I noticed Westfield Coaching on LinkedIn and I had been looking for a coach and I was very intrigued by Becky and her approach. I checked out her website and took the offer to meet her on a facetime call and I was very impressed with the packages of support and decided to join Westfield Warriors which is a group where you are in a community of others in business who support you and Becky also coaches us all together. After the first session, I had met some inspirational people and not only heard some great ideas but I felt encouraged and challenged. I decided to set some goals as a result of the group and I have achieved these already – refresh my website and consider cutting down my hours in my day job to allow me to focus on my coaching service to leaders and managers in the Voluntary and Health and Social Care sectors – I feel empowered and energised and more committed to my business since I decided to become a client of Westfield Warriors. Many of the models of working that I have already seen have been impressive and I want to integrate a similar approach into my own practice, so it is thoroughly practical and easy to integrate. I recommend Westfield Coaching, it is down-to-earth, caring, and draws you into a team of like-minded people.”

Julie Buckingham – Executive & Leadership Coach

Westfield Recovery Testimonial 

“Becky is an amazing support. With her experience of working with people in her 15 years of sobriety she knows her stuff. You can’t kid a kidder’. She is understanding, warm and yet seems to get to the root of the feelings.

I couldn’t see how I could manage my feelings without having that drink at the end of the day but with the tools and strategies, as well as the accountability between sessions I have managed to leave it alone! In fact, it very rarely comes to mind.

The face that she is always on the other end of a text, WhatsApp or messenger meant that in the first few months I was able to navigate through everyday situations with a constant cheerleader!


Westfield WARRIOR Testimonial 

I can honestly say having a session with Becky and then joining her warrior groups has changed my business. I have the support and understanding of some amazing women AND the reassurance that Becky will give me straight and honest feedback. In our 1:1 session we really got down to the nitty gritty of what I needed to be doing and that helped me streamline everything. As a mum of 2 little children its hard to find the time to do ANYTHING let alone work on my business and Becky understands that!


I was a member of the Westfield Warriors group business coaching course for about 6 months. I can’t tell you what a support Becky and the warriors have been, especially last year / early this year, when I was feeling a bit lost with my business’s direction. I’m so much more confident now, and happier doing what works for me rather than what I thought I should be doing! Thank you, Becky!

Chloe Quinn – Chloe Q Studio