"Creating a vision board was a truly wonderful experience. Becky provided warm, supportive guidance and encouragement throughout. I am looking forward to our next session"
Sally G
Becky has an outstanding talent as a coach. I see Becky regularly & we spend a hugely productive hour which I guess is a blend of coaching, supervision, therapy, mentoring and a good old kick up the bum. Whatever it is, I come away less discombobulated, with greater clarity and with that oh so important action plan. 🙂 I see my sessions with Becky now as a vital part of my well-being, both for my business and for me personally.
Sara B
"I’ve worked with Becky and what she called the challengers group over the last 5 weeks and through this journey have learnt to understand myself much more and how to turn my anxiety and low confidence in certain situations into effective action. I now start and end each day in a much more positive, inspired and powerful way. Becky makes you feel comfortable and cares about helping everyone realise they are worthy and significant and coaches you to achieve a fulfilled life. Thanks Becky"
"Excellent coaching skills drawing upon years of experience and learning. I've been coached before but Becky definitely has a gift. I have a complete mind set change on certain aspects of my life and I'm really happy. Highly recommended."
Anna R
"Becky is an amazing coach. She has such an inspirational story herself. She is always ready to listen and give great advice and help. I found so much of what Becky assisted me with has genuinely made my life more do-able. Things I once struggled with, I have been able to sort out with the stratergies and techniques Becky showed me. I am so glad I found the willingness to be helped and most of all when I found the willingness to have had Becky be the coach to turn me around. I really could not have done it without her."
Rachel U
"I attended one of Becky’s recent empowerment courses & went in with an open mind, but no specific expectations, intrigue more than anything else took me there. But as the day unfolded I experienced some wonderful insights & new tools to help me pinpoint a number of positive changes I wanted to make. I left with a feeling of focus & determination to achieve the action points that surfaced for me within a set timescale ... I am thrilled to say all actions were taken inside said time & I felt immediate benefits for doing so! So I guess what I want to say is ... If you are thinking of booking a course, go for it & trust that your experience will be a positive one!
Thanks Becky, I’ll be back!"
Claire R
"The vision board workshop was a great experience and allowed me the opportunity to get creative. Becky was a great host providing a safe, supportive and friendly atmosphere. I really liked the fact that we did a wheel of life chart before we did the vision board, as this helped to focus in on the aspect of my life that I needed to put my attention on. I highly recommend the workshop and I'm looking forward to attending the next workshop. Also the cake was great!!!"
Sarah G
"After spending the last year agonising over pros and cons lists and feeling completely paralysed by indecision, I joined Becky’s 5 week course. She helped me become unstuck. Becky is the person you want standing by you as you take on whatever is important to you. If you’re looking to tap into your creative ability and transform your life, look no further, Becky is a wonderful coach, She showed me how to stop draining my energy and to make decisions and have confidence in myself. Thank you Becky"
Louise R
"I have just completed four group sessions with Becky and it is has been an incredible journey! I have discovered so much about myself and Becky has been with me every step of the way. The sessions were comfortable, safe and trusting. Becky respected my journey but also gently challenged my self-limiting beliefs. I still have work to do but Becky has given me some amazing tools to help me through some tough thinking. I am so very grateful for the encouragement and I am looking forward to my one to one session, bought for me as a gift voucher by a good friend, and now a vital next step in my journey."
Pam R
"Becky is a brilliant coach and I would recommend her to anyone that has something going on in their life, some action they keep repeating, feelings they can’t shift or blockage they can’t move past. She has the knowledge to help you but also has experienced it, she has been there, worked through her own stuff (which she is willing to share with you) and came out the other side. She doesn’t pretend to have life all sorted with everything working perfectly, she acknowledges her humanness but deals with it all in a loving and kind way. I went to Becky not even sure what the problem was, I couldn’t even really tell her what was my issue. Patiently she worked with me in group sessions to help me learn how to help myself. I could always do it for others, always find time for other people but not me. Give it a go, I promise you won’t regret it."
Claire D
"I'd without question highly recommend Becky for her group life coaching classes. She is so knowledgeable, helpful, caring, supportive and funny. You come away every week empowered and the strategies DO WORK. Highly solution focussed and a lovely person too. Very lucky to have met her #lifesaver".
Chris D