Team Workshops

Over the years management and employees at companies will have put a great deal of energy into growing and developing your business.

You may run staff development or CPD which will help employees with business strategy and knowledge. However, you may have individuals who may need support in finding their own strengths within their role and the wider company.

I am an endorsed and accredited Coach and professional lecturer with over 20 years experience of guiding and nurturing. I offer an enjoyable series of workshops and individual support to help develop tools which will enable staff to find their way through any problems that may impede their progress.

I will empower staff by equipping them with tools which will enable them to take stock of their professional lives.

These workshops can be offered as part of a programme of staff development or individual sessions. I am more than happy to discuss how we can work together!

Benefits of Team Wellbeing Workshops

Your staff will realise that by sharing goals it will strengthen them as a team. Group learning is confidential and enlightening. You will create a team who will enhance each other by helping them to recognise areas in which they can be of use to each other.

Group Coaching builds confidence, creates awareness and raises self esteem. Your work colleagues will become your coaches, your confidants, your cheerleaders and occasionally your challengers, but ultimately you WILL feel empowered to make changes in your professional environment.

All participants will have the opportunity to take additional sessions to continue with personal or professional action planning and accountability.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!