Group Coaching 'Westfield Wonders' & 'Westfield Warriors'

Group Coaching sessions are a fantastic way to learn strategies and to empower yourself by sharing with other people who have similar struggles.

Subjects covered on the single workshops & courses include:

  • Core values and what they mean to you
  • Confidence and how to stop being controlled by your head
  • What motivates/demotivates you
  • Change and the impact of change
  • Healthy & unhealthy relationships and what part you play
  • Recapturing YOU
  • What motivates and demotives
  • Your future self
  • Vision Boarding

We look at the people you surround yourself with and how that can impact both positively and negatively on your self esteem and levels of anxiety. We cover how to manage emotions and look at strategies to help.

On the 5 week courses we look at actions that you can take for your own wellbeing. Using the group as confidants, cheerleaders and challengers, together we begin to learn new ways of dealing with everyday situations in ways that empower us, move us forward and help us to commit to lifelong changes to our wellbeing. This, in turn, makes us happier, more content and free from the shackles of low confidence, low self esteem and anger.


Westfield Business Warriors

I’m looking for solution-focused, driven individuals with a desire to keep moving their business forward and up to the next level to join my Westfield Business Warriors.

We will be using the collective mind of the group to problem solve, be creative and see different perspectives to any dilemmas you may face within your business.

Maybe you’re overthinking situations or perhaps someone has already done what you’re trying to do.

Having worked across industries in groups and in one to one coaching sessions, I will help by enabling the group to navigate through each others ideas. I will challenge you and help you dig deeper to find your purpose, your why, what is driving you and motivating you to succeed?

I have a box of tools and strategies that can be used to help guide us.

This is for the Westfield Business Warriors who are ready to be challenged, who are looking for a team to encourage them to take strides forward, who will cheer them on and pick them up if they fall down and dust them off.



Benefits of Group Coaching

You will realise that you are not alone and will find support by sharing goals and finding out what strategies have worked week by week. Group learning is confidential and enlightening. You will have a support group which will stand by you as you start to make effective, long-lasting changes.

Support between sessions means that I will be on hand for accountability calls to help you reach the actions you set for yourself.

You are in control and, with group coaching, you will be empowered by the movement you see in yourself and others.

  • Mentoring and Coaching from an experienced Coach that is walking the walk with business security, positive wellbeing & growth
  • Work with trusted peers in a group coaching environment gaining real-world advice and support 
  • Shared problem-solving techniques for business
  • Techniques and tools to be an assertive leader in your business and to make strong decisions.
  • How to be leader that inspires staff with strengthened relationships and boundaries
  • Tune into your personal values for bespoke results in your business
  • Access to specialist business support through guest speakers
  • Optional bespoke coaching & mentoring offered
  • Monthly program for continued success for you and your business.

​”After spending the last year agonising over pros and cons lists and feeling completely paralysed by indecision, I joined Becky’s 5 week course. She helped me become unstuck. Becky is the person you want standing by you as you take on whatever is important to you.

If you’re looking to tap into your creative ability and transform your life, look no further, Becky is a wonderful coach. She showed me how to stop draining my energy and to make decisions and have confidence in myself. Thank you Becky”.

Louise R