1:1 Recovery Coaching & Mentoring

What is Recovery Coaching & Mentoring?

If you have reached this page and you are asking yourself do I need this? Then you probably do. Anybody who doesn’t have a problem with drink,drugs, gambling or sex would willingly look at this program. If you are reading this, desperately looking for the mouse to move on, then this is for you and lets face it, you know it is too.

My Recovery Coaching program is not for the faint hearted. If you are still with me let me tell you this. Now is your time. Ask yourself have you had enough?

It takes great courage and strength to be able to look back at how your dependency is affecting your life and those of the people who surround you.

And before you ask, there is not one good reason for you to drink/drug/gamble or use people to make you feel better about yourself. You see these temporary ‘fixes’ contribute to the feelings of overwhelm, low self-esteem and lack of confidence. In time these ‘fixes’ WILL affect your relationships, both personal and professional, unless you seek help.

Through coaching I can help YOU and your loved ones to make long lasting, positive changes and to live free from the need to escape.

Who can access this program?

Anyone who is living with addiction or their loved ones.

How does it work?

The Recovery Coaching & Mentoring program allows people to explore the patterns of behaviour of addiction. We work through how addiction has affected them in a frank and honest way and by exploring this we are armed with self awareness and given the gift of choice about what we do.

For every one person addicted their are at least 6 people who have been affected by their behaviour.

This program works with both.

Why me?

I have 15 years+ of continuous sobriety and I believe that I have played all the tricks, told all the lies and blamed all the people around me. I will be able to speak DIRECTLY to the person who wants recovery and also help this affected by it! – I don’t pretty this illness up, there is nothing I have not experienced over the last 15 years and I absolutely believe I am in the best position to help where other treatments or therapies can’t.

1-1 Recovery Coaching Program - How does it work?

7 Sessions consisting of 1-1 Bespoke Package sessions (2 hours) which are specific to recovering from dependency or the effects of it and creating an amazing life without it!

Each session focusing on specific patterns of behavior which are evident within addiction and breaking those patterns. This is done in 3 stages:

Uncover – we look at the areas of your life where addiction features and what makes us different. It looks at the effect’s addiction has had on us and all areas of our life. We then look at where we will need to put boundaries in place to safeguard our new decisions and life we are creating for ourselves.

Discover – We then work together to unpick patterns such as Anger, Fear, People pleasing and look at how we can change behaviour to help us learn new ways of living without addiction. This stage is challenging but once discovered you will truly get to know you, how you work and what you need to live free from it!

Recover – This is where we look at how to move forward, we need to be accountable and responsible for our life and make sufficient changes which are sustainable!.

£3375 for full course which includes Support for 6 months throughout the program. This can be paid in 3 instalments of £1125 at sessions 1,3 and 5

“Becky is an amazing support. With her experience of working with people in her 15 years of sobriety she knows her stuff. You can’t kid a kidder’. She is understanding, warm and yet seems to get to the root of the feelings.

I couldn’t see how I could manage my feelings without having that drink at the end of the day but with the tools and strategies, as well as the accountability between sessions I have managed to leave it alone! In fact, it very rarely comes to mind.

The face that she is always on the other end of a text, WhatsApp or messenger meant that in the first few months I was able to navigate through everyday situations with a constant cheerleader!

Anonymous. 2019